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The First Aid is for You!

Training in Emotional Skills and Awareness

 Online and Face to Face

Emotional Skills & Awareness Training

Emotional First Aid offers a trauma-informed, person-centred, human rights-based approach to understanding what it is to be human and to experience emotional challenges.

With a focus on creating and sustaining supportive and emotionally informed cultures within organisations, we have created a way of understanding emotions that is memorable, compassionate and constructive. 

Why Choose Emotional First Aid?

  • Our training is designed to improve and sustain supportive cultures within organisations.

  • Our training enables people to become more aware of their emotional wellbeing and provides tools for them to support themselves and others.

  • Our training moves away from a model that views the first aid for our emotional struggles and psychological challenges as being the same as for physical emergencies.

  • Our training has been created in line with UK government guidance and the World Health Organisation’s and United Nations guidelines on mental health.

  • Emotional First Aid utilises research from trauma informed approaches and some of the latest science and research regarding the emotional wellbeing of people.

  • Our training has been developed alongside experts by experience and a range of industry experts. 

  • Emotional First Aid is recognised as an example of good practice in relation to the Power Threat Meaning Framework (PTMF) on their website, which is part of the British Psychological Society.

  • Emotional First Aid has been developed and piloted with the University Hospital NHS Trust in London.

  • Emotional First Aid have created themes and content that are memorable and which enable Learners to utilise the approach in their lives and in supporting others.

  • Emotional First Aid are collaborating with associates in India and the USA in developing course content and themes.
a smiling woman is pointing to a list of why you should choose Emotional First Aid Training - We provide an alternative to approaches such as Mental Health First Aid.
standing tutor with his arm and hand out and students are also standing and placing there hands against his as well as on top of each other.

About EFA

Emotional First Aid has been created, designed and developed alongside experts by experience, industry professionals and an NHS Trust in London. Emotional First Aid provides an alternative to approaches such as Mental Health First Aid, with the focus being on giving people the knowledge, skills and awareness to look after themselves. In doing so helping to create cultures where people are better placed to look out for one another.


Emotional First Aid is training that is designed to help employers to create and maintain emotionally intelligent, safe and supportive workplace cultures. Encouraging us to share our skills with others, thereby creating cultures that are based upon compassion, curiosity and creativity, what we call The Three C’s.

Our Courses

We currently offer four courses that relate to the emotional wellbeing of people aged over 18. We have designed each one to compliment the other, and to provide the opportunity to embed a culture of emotional awareness and intelligence throughout organisations and environments where people come together.

A tutor with glasses is standing in front of seated students at a table. Explaining the Ethos of EFA

Train the Trainer five Day course (Adult)

The interactive course provides a deep understanding of Emotional First Aid. Passing the course will register you as an Emotional First Aid trainer for one year.

Students seated looking a tutor and listening. A woman has her hand while smiling as she wants to ask her question

Two Day Emotional first Aid Training

This course equips learners with the knowledge, skills, and awareness to care for themselves and others by understanding and responding to the complexity of every person.

A tutor is standing in front of a class of seated students giving a talk

One Day Emotional first Aid course

The course teaches Emotional First Aid philosophy, helping people discover their existing skills and resources, while providing them with new knowledge and awareness to lead fulfilling lives.

A woman with curly hair is sitting at her table at home, her left hand is holding a mug with a spoon and drink in and the right hand in over the track pad of her open laptop. There is also a notebook and pen as well as a mobile phone on the table.

E-Learning Introduction to Emotional first Aid

This course provides an introduction into the ideas and principles of EFA, while also teaching techniques to understand and appreciate emotions.


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